Enhancing Your Meditation’s Effectiveness With Subliminals–My Journey ofDiscovery

When it comes to things such as self-development, meditation is often one of the tools used to help one develop. What I have found in speaking with many everyday people about the use of meditation, is that most people will use it as an “Island unto its self”.   Even some avid seekers of personal development consider it as somewhat sacred–and not to be combined with other modalities to help enhance its effectiveness. The most some people will intrude upon it’s “sovereignty” is to combine it with a little music, or to use a guided script from an “expert”–who claims many years study and practice to vet his/her qualifications.

Journey Outside The Box #1–Exposure

I was first exposed to the idea of meditation in my preteen years.  I occasionally saw it mentioned in Comic Books as this Occidental and obscure thing taught in the Far East as part of some training of a hero or a villian.  It was never represented as a practice available to the massses.  So, imagine my surprise when I was exposed to it in real life as part of my initial foray into Martial Arts!?  I was instructed to sit still, and quietly concentrate in Kung Fu classes.  I immediately felt special, as if I now belonged to a select group, and that I would suddenly be imbued with heroic abilities.  The Joke looking back now is that I couldn’t even keep my eyes closed for that few minutes–much less concentrate on anything!

Fast forward a few years to a time when I could actually quiet myself for a short while.  I ran across some articles that talked about how stores were using verbal commands and statements very quietly placed underneath the often too loud ambient music in department stores.  I found it fascinating that somehow these quietly coded messages were influencing people’s buying habits and behavior, according to concerned watchdog groups.  These groups feared that somehow Big Business and “The Man” were yet again insidiously developing ways to “mind control” us.  Always the type to “make lemonade out of lemons”, I wondered if there could be a kind of DIY opportunity for me to get those super powers I’d always wanted.

Journey Outside The Box #2–Childlike Amalgamations

Fast forward a few more years to having my first Tape Recorder(s) and “Boom Box”.  Real fancy ones–the kind that let you link them together to blend two different recordings and make a third.  Being knee deep in music and the “Breakin'” Era, my first subliminals were set to a variety of Pop, R&B, and Rap music.  I had to carefully experiment and re-record over and over again to make something that was eventually passable as a subliminal.  I had to be careful to listen to them only by myself, as I didn’t want to “share” my expected unearned abilities–or wealth, women, etc.  I happened to come across one of those early tapes in cleaning out many years of useless collecting.  So unrealistic and impossible were some of the suggestions I tried to give myself.  I found it amusing, and at least gave myself credit for trying.  I can quickly realize why it would have been impossible to meditate undistracted to that, and why I tried again later with more relaxing, classical types of music.  Meditating with either still hadn’t occurred to me yet, however.

Inside The Out Box–Professional Audios

I first got interested in using an external meditation assist(besides music) researching brainwave patterns.  I learned about the different states that could be achieved with serious practice.  I also learned that sound–particularly music–could elicit these states consistently.  The first serious science I read about this came from Ilya Prigogine, and his theories on inducing brainwave patterns, as well as dissipative structures.  Much of his theory about reorganization of the brain’s cognitive abilities as a result of entropy served as the basis for my willingness to try Centerpointe Institute’s Holosync technology as my first assistive meditation product.  At that time, the products combined natural, ambient sound with binaural beat patterns to help bring the meditator’s brainwave patterns into resonance with specific states.  I used the ones which promoted the alpha, and delta states mainly.  Their effectiveness definitely inspired me to research other external tools as well.

Expanded Journeys in Amalgamation

After gaining benefits with Holosync, I also found they offered additional brainwave entrainment options, as well as subliminal tracks that could be added to the soundscape.  As I studied a little more about how the Alpha state could be used for helping with relaxed focus for study, I began to try subliminal additions again.  I also researched and discovered that the Theta state was extremely beneficial for attempting subconscious reprogramming.  This is also where the concept of synergy was introduced into my worldview.  The idea that 1+1 could perhaps equal 3 (or more), appealed to my hungry little mind.  I was still being fueled by desires for superhuman status, but in retrospect, I am grateful that I settled on these methods instead of a more overtly self-destructive one.  I did find faster changes in my mood and positive outlook, but only after entropy had broken down some of my more negative core beliefs.  I still use these methods along with an occasional foray into guided meditation, with a couple of my favorite “guiders” being Kelly Howell and Vishen Lakhiani.

Ongoing Journeys

Overall, the whole process of discovering methods to help with the cognitive and subconscious programming has been fruitful and entertaining.  I can easily say I am not the same person who began this curiosity driven experiment years ago.

Each of the techniques metioned here have amazing benefits on their own.  I think the time frame required to effect change with any of them is much longer when they are used independently, however.  Each modality attacks the question of effecting change from a different angle, and I feel that each of these angles is necessary to cement change in a person.  I also think that resistance to any one is greater when used alone. It is the same as breaking one pencil versus trying to break a dozen all at once. Used in concert, the force pushing towards change is overwhelming.  Even though this pressure is to effect positive change, your overall system still sees this as entropy that either must be dissipated, or reorganization at a higher level must occur for survival.  In the case of meditaion with subliminals, one not only gets the benefit of being able to handle more stress, but also a change in the subconscious programming as well.  This can lead to a noticeable change in behavior and actions, with enhances the personal ability to appproach Life with a positive attitude and actions.

So, I encourage you to look into combining not just these two–but other modalities that have worked well individually in the past.  I’m willing to guarantee you will not only reap faster rewards for your efforts, but they will be much more satisfying as well.





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